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Wisconsin Blue Preferred POS 1/11/2024

Effective in January 2024, Participants and Dependents who are residents of Wisconsin will be covered under a new in-network arrangement, called the “Wisconsin Blue Preferred POS.” In the coming days, you should be receiving two (2) new Blue Cross Blue Shield (“BCBS”) Insurance ID cards.
Your new card will look like your old BCBS PPO card but will say “Blue Preferred POS” at the top of the front of the card between the BCBS and NECA-IBEW logos. Please also note that the new alpha prefix to your ID number is “NWN” (instead of “NEC”) and the group number is “PM0633” (instead of “P75085”). Your nine (9) digit unique numeric ID which follows the alpha prefix will remain the same.

Once you receive your new card, it is important that your medical providers know you have “new” insurance. Please be sure to present your new card to them and let them know to be sure to file medical claims using your new information.

After you receive your new card, if your provider happens to file a claim using your old PPO group number and prefix, your claim may be pended or denied until the correct filing information is used. If this happens, your provider should reach out to you to help correct the issue. Rest assured that your claim will be re-processed once the correct filing information is provided, subject to all other regular Plan rules.

To view the provider directory for the new network, please visit Provider Finder then search as a *Guest*, then select plan: “Blue Preferred POS (Wisconsin).”